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Christian School

Reflecting the light of the Bright Morning Star


Registration Forms must be

re-submitted EACH year

for EACH Student.

For your convenience, we have provided All Forms in PDF. Print, Fill in the Form, & Scan, Email, or Snail Mail to the school address at right.

1st Time Enrollment App

Re-Enrollment Forms

MCS Registration - 2018 PDF


Fees are to be paid Each Year.

$40 - K - 12 Family Rate

(Includes up to 3 Students.

$10 for each additional


$25 - Late Registration

(After August 15th)

$50 - Senior Fee (Grade 12 Only)

$40 - Consultation Fee

(High School, Special

Needs, New

Homeschooler. Up to 2

Students. Paid

separately at time of


$5 - Faculty/Student ID -

per each Card

See the FEES Page

for a complete list of fees.

High School

Fees and Forms


Consultation Packet


f you have QUESTIONS about

Forms or Fees

Please contact our



In order to be in full compliance, you must email or mail your Attendance Report (available below for download) from the previous school year BEFORE your Enrollment is considered complete.

MCS Attendance Forms



NOTE: If the Word Document doesn't print in landscape format, please use the PDF version.

The Attendance Report may be included in the Enrollment Packet or may be hand delivered to the summer Consultation or the Mandatory Meeting in August. 

These Forms are for


New Families

MUST have Administrator Approval

Before Registering Using These Forms.

MorningStar Christian School

Enrollment Procedure

1. Download the Registration Form (available below) and complete it.

Email or snail mail it back to the Administrator.

IMPORTANT NOTE: MorningStar Christian School is currently accepting students on a Waiting List. If you are a new family, you must have Administrator approval before registering with the forms below.

2. Mail the School Physical Form, which was completed by the child's Doctor, to the MorningStar address below.

School Health Physical (Form DH 3040) must be submitted yearly and must be current information, which is no more than one year old.

3. Submit your Immunization Form or Religious Exemption Form**.

Immunization Forms, which will be obtained from your child's doctor during their school physical, must be submitted in Kindergarten & 7th Grade, or when receiving new vaccinations.

**Religious Convictions Note: If your Religious Convictions conflict with Vaccination Requirements:

In order to obtain Form DH 681, which states you have religious convictions to vaccinations, simply go to the local County Health Department during their regularly scheduled immunization hours, and ask for Form DH 681. You need to ask for a form for EACH child. The Religious Exemption Form need only be submitted once as the school will keep a copy of it in each child's file. Keep a copy for your own records.

4. Mail your Registration Fee/s to the school address below.

Use the Registration Fee Form to figure out which fees you should pay at the beginning of the year. If you are unsure about the fees needed, please contact the Administrator. You may pay your Registration Fee at the same time as other Fees (Bright Futures Fee, Senior Fee etc.) for the upcoming school year. Please mark the memo line of your checks with the fees being paid.

Make Enrollment Checks to:

MorningStar Christian School

5. In order to be in full compliance, you must email or mail your Attendance Report (available below for download) from the previous school year BEFORE your Registration is considered complete.

The Attendance Report may be included in the new year's Enrollment Packet.

6. Snail Mail (unless specified otherwise) all of this information to MorningStar Christian School. See below for the mailing information.

You may hand deliver the Enrollment Packet and/or the Attendance Report to our Mandatory Meeting in August.

NOTE: When all of this documentation is received, you will be sent an email from [email protected] confirming your child's enrollment. If you don't receive your email confirmation, please check your spam filter. If the confirmation has not been sent within 2 weeks, contact the administrator to see if you have outstanding forms or payments due, or if the email has been sent.

Please download and complete the Registration Forms on the Side Bar.

Contact Information

Once you have added your information to the file,

please Email it to Admin at

[email protected]


You can mail it via the postal service to the school address.

MorningStar Christian School

422 Mara Dr

Crestview, FL. 32536